Adriana Leonard


                                        Resume - SAG



Camouflage                         Co-Star                   Project Studios 505/Kyle T. Cowan 

Playing With Guns (Pilot)        Featured                Varsity Pictures/Brian Robbins

A Cinderella Story                 Principal                 Warner Bros/Damon Santostefano

Hart of Dixie (Pilot)               Co-Star                   Warner Bros/Jason Ensler

Leaps & Bounds (Pilot)          Lead                       New Island Pictures/David Gordon

David's Reverie                    Burlesque Girl          USC Cinematic Arts/Neil Williams 

Dater's Insurance                 April                       Funny Or Die/Mike Capozzi 



The Nutcracker                 Sugar Plum Fairy             Becca Roupe/Beth Gann

Sleeping Beauty                 Fairy Lead                      Becca Roupe/Beth Gann

The Tempest                    Spirit/Dancer                  Neal Easterling/Drayton Hall

A Tale Told By An Idiot      Witch/Fleance                  BTW Theatre/Robert Bourne

The Game                        Girl                                 Benson Theatre/Thomas Clawson



Conflicts – Upon request



Academic: University of South Carolina, BA Theatre/Acting                       

David Britt                                  Acting for Stage                       University of South Carolina

Michael Downey                          Voice & Diction                        University of South Carolina

Robert Richmond                        Rehearsal & Performance         University of South Carolina


Professional Acting:

Warner Loughlin Scene Study/Improv  Los Angeles, CA 

Larry Moss Acting Technique                         Los Angeles, CA

Scott Sedita Audition Technique                      Los Angeles, CA 

Stan Kirsch Audition Technique                     Los Angeles, CA 

Killian Commercial Improv Los Angeles, CA 

Kevin Quinn Voice Los Angeles, CA

Saxon Trainor/Annie Grindlay Auditioning Technique Los Angeles, CA



Fincannon and Associates           Casting Wilmington, NC

Betty Mae Casting Casting LA, CA 


Professional Dance:

Erica Pujic & Battleworks          Modern                                       New York, NY

Brian McGinnis                         Modern/Contemporary                Chicago, IL

Patrick Widrig                           Modern/Ballet                             New York, NY

Sarah Pearson                          Modern                                       New York, NY

Ivy Hale                                   Ballet/Jazz/Modern                      Myrtle Beach, SC



Dance: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Hip-Hop, West African, Bollywood,

                      Zumba, Club       

Sports: Soccer (competitive)



Recent News

Adriana had an exciting booking to start 2015! In January she will be playing a role in the film "COOK" beside Eddie Murphy. COOK is being directed by Oscar nominee Bruce Beresford.

Adriana's  feature film CAMOUFLAGE is in festival cirulation. Keep track of whats going on with the film and keep up with latest news of the cast & crew by going to & click LIKE!  To see our video..check out

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